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Is it time to replace your wooden stairs or are you just curious about the possibilities of a staircase renovation? We’d like to help you. The possibilities are endless with Passion Design.

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Our Stairs

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Just like a Passion Design wooden floor, you are able to choose different nature/gradings for your wooden stair renovation. You have the choice between a rustic oak or a 1-bis grading. We are able to oil, burn, stain, brush and smoke the stairsteps. So you have the possibility, with Passion Design, to choose the same treatment and grading for your staircase as for your wooden floor. Also, all our staircases are provided with the 100% Pure Wood label.


Besides that, you are able to add some extra safety to your stairs. You can do this by adding an anti-slip strip in the steps. The anti-slip strips are available in two variants: rubber and stainless steel.

Are you curious about the opportunities? Please let us know by filling in the contract form.

Solid stair steps

In addition to renovating your staircase with multi-layer wooden steps, Passion Design also offers you the option of having solid wooden steps installed. These steps are made of 40 mm thick composite solid oak planks.

Examples of wooden staircase renovation