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Ways to repurpose old flooring

Throwing out old flooring means sending it to the landfill where it takes up space and creates waste. There are many useful ways to repurpose old flooring instead of discarding it. Here are some ideas for giving new life to your old floors:

•Use it as sub flooring or underlayment.

First, old wood planks, laminate tiles or vinyl sheets can work great as a subfloor underneath new carpet, vinyl or wood flooring. They provide additional stability, moisture protection and soundproofing.


•Then,turn it into wall paneling or wainscoting. Strips of wood flooring, tile or stone make unique wall paneling or wainscoting in basements, dens, bars or laundry rooms. The patina of aged floors only enhances their charm.

•Moreover,create a threshold or trimming. Use sections of old wood flooring, laminate or tile to create decorative thresholds between rooms or trim pieces around doorways and windows.

•In addition,repurpose as flooring in a basement, garage or patio. If the flooring is still in good condition, repurpose the planks or tiles for a basement, garage, patio, deck or other outdoor space. The flooring will last longer in a high-traffic outdoor area.

•Furthermore,use as shelf lining or wall accent. Strips of wood, laminate or tile placed horizontally make an attractive shelf lining or vertical wall accent. Cover shelves in a home office, bathroom vanity base or kitchen pantry.

•Also,sell or donate the flooring. If the flooring is still in pretty good shape, consider selling it on websites or donating it to a local charity like Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Someone else can give the flooring new life in their home.

•Then,recycling options (for certain materials). Some flooring materials like carpet, vinyl and laminate can be recycled. Also,check with flooring manufacturers or recyclers about recycling programs available in your local area. Every recycled floor helps!

Finally,with some creativity, old flooring can become an asset again rather than end up in a landfill. Giving new purpose to your used floors is better for the environment and your wallet. Try repurposing your old flooring—you’ll be glad you did!