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The ideal flooring for hotel rooms

When guests step into a hotel, the first thing they lay eyes on is the flooring. After all, a hotel is more about appearance than anything else. This is why hotel businesses put a lot of focus on designing every area of the hotel in a way that creates an unmatched ambiance and gives guests the feeling of ‘home away from home’. Selecting the ideal flooring for hotel rooms is a big challenge because the flooring has to achieve so many things at once.

Business owners like to choose commercial flooring which doesn’t just look attractive but also requires least maintenance. Whether you run a hotel or resort, you’ll find a number of flooring options to choose from. Before you even start looking at the options, you should be aware of your unique needs. The flooring you select should be a best match for the hotel. The color, style and pattern of the flooring should together suit the ambiance of the room. Moreover, the flooring should be highly durable to withstand high amounts of traffic on a regular basis.

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Wooden Flooring

Since hotels rooms and resorts receive high volumes of traffic on an everyday basis, wooden floors will create noise and get scratched. However, there are still some wooden flooring options to suit your specific needs.

Maple and hickory are wood types that are known to withstand high amounts of traffic. Both these types of woods are highly durable as well as resistant to moisture. You will notice vintage wood flooring in many hotels.When you are planning to offer guests a beautiful rustic experience, you’ll like to go with hardwood flooring. New technologies allow installers to apply coating to hardwood so as to achieve a smooth finish, as that of laminate flooring. Wood flooring is a remarkable luxury option, which adds character and appeal to a hotel’s ambiance.

Vinyl Flooring

When looking for ideal flooring for hotel rooms, vinyl has always remained a popular choice. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the kind of versatility that vinyl flooring offers.

Luxury vinyl flooring comes in a wide variety of textures, colours, and patterns. In fact, the range is simply limitless. Regardless of the design of your hotel room, you can always find the best matching vinyl planks. Luxury vinyl have revolutionized the flooring industry. Using advanced technology, these tiles are designed to offer a natural look like wood, stone, and marble. This hotel room flooring isn’t just a fancy option, but it is also a cost-effective one. Installing these tiles will squeeze new life into your hotel rooms. Most importantly, luxury vinyl flooring is resistant to stains, which means you won’t have a hard time maintaining it.

Another benefit of installing vinyl flooring is that you can easily replace the damaged planks in a particular section with new, identical planks. Just remember to save a couple of tiles from the installation for future use.

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